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Thanks for stopping by to check out our quirky, dark, and cleverly made project.

Our film is an Indiegogo success story; generous backers helped us reach beyond our initial goal of $30,000, all the way to $36,000.  We then took that money and, sort of like Christ and the four loaves of bread and two fish (yes, we compared ourselves to Christ; dark comedy here), we stretched that budget to cover everyone involved.

On top of our limited budget, our director also had major surgery two weeks before filming began, but, with the help of an amazing cast, crew, and the forty staples holding her abdomen together, we were all able to push through and create something truly unique.

We’re extremely proud to feature a Latino as our lead character. We’re also proud of our female director, writer, producer, director of photography, editor, production designer, and sound designer.

Our film took 11 days to shoot in the Los Angele area. 

At the End of the Tunnel

Genre: Horror/Dark Comedy

Brief Synopsis:  If anyone ever deserved a second chance at life, it would not be Felix Phelps… 

At the End of the Tunnel is a horror/dark comedy that follows Felix Phelps, a former bad boy who is revived after a suicide attempt he tries to carry out with his girlfriend, Lyric. 

During Felix’s attempt, he has a near death experience, sees Heaven and meets God who tells him he’s returning to Earth with a message, a message for all of mankind. The only issue with that message… God doesn’t get it out before Felix is sent back.

That doesn’t stop Felix from telling the story though, and when he meets The Preacher, he becomes “born again” and decides to publish a feel-good, tell-all memoir on his life, death, return, and conversion.

The only issue with that book… Felix’s now ex girlfriend, Lyric, has come back on the scene as a Youtube star, and she’s threatening to expose a secret so explosive, it will damage his second-chance beyond repair.

Felix needs to find a way to keep her silent, or just pray she doesn’t tell…

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